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Top 5 Playit Video Player App Hidden Tips and Tricks

Playit Player Tips and Tricks: Hello friend welcomes to our Playit app guide blog. We have created this post to provide the best-hidden features in the Playit app for its users. Playit app is one of the trending media players which have many advanced features so most of the users not using the app completely because they don’t know the hidden features in it. Here in this article, I provide you the best unknown tricks n the Playit player app. 

Playit Hidden Tricks
Playit Hidden Tricks

Playit app has the latest and trending features that are not available in any other media players such as VLC, MX player and etc. so I am damn sure that after reading this post you will only use the Playit app because it has so many advanced user-friendly features. Okay, let’s get into the topic.

Top 5 Playit Player Hidden Tricks and Tips:

1. Media File Transfer:

Transfer the files like videos and audio to your friends and family is most common so in that time you don’t need any other third-party apps like Shareit, Xender, or any other file transfer apps. You can easily use the Playit app to transfer files to other devices using your mobile WiFi.

How to transfer files using Playit App:

PLAYIT tricks

  • Open the Playit app home screen.
  • From the bottom, the menu chooses the “me” option in the last.
  • Now you can see more options like “Downloads”, ”History”, “Transfer” and “Privacy”.
  • Choose the Transfer option and select the “send” or “receive” option based on your need.
  • That’s it now you can easily choose any files for transfer similar to the Shareit app.

2. Hide Videos:

The Playit player provides you an option to hide your video so no one can access it. To do this we need separate file or folder lock apps but now you don’t need that Playit video player provides the privacy option to hide your personal videos.  Note: you can only hide videos sing this feature, not images.

playit player tricks

How to Hide Videos using Playit App?

  • Open the “Me” option from the home screen.
  • Then click the “privacy” option from the list.
  • Now you can see the empty folder. Click the “Plus” button in the bottom right corner.
  • That’s it now you can see all videos files on your device from that choose the videos which you can hide.
  • Once you choose the video click the move to privacy folder option. You can also set a password for this folder by using the three dots in the top right corner of the privacy folder.

3. MP3 Converter:

MP3 converter is one of the most needed features using this option you can easily convert any video file into audio.  To make this we need to use many apps but now with the help of this Playit app player, you can easily convert MP4 files to MP3 files.

playit app tricks

  • Open the Playit app video list and you can see the three dots on the right end side of all videos.
  • Just click that and choose the convert to mp3 option from the popup menu.
  • That’s it now it will save the audio file in a separate folder.
  • You can access the MP3 converter folder by --> Me-->MP3 Converter. Now you can easily access and share the mp3 file.

4. Picture in Picture on YouTube (popup video):

Using this feature you can play and watch the youtube videos on the part of the mobile screen at the same time you can access the other apps on the same screen. To do this opens any video on youtube and click the share option.

Now you can see many share options like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. just scroll down and click the Playit logo with the name of “pop up video” that’s it now you can see the youtube video in the bottom corner screen so you can use the mobile screen while watching the video.

5. Whatsapp Status Downloader:

Downloading WhatsApp status of our friends is very easy now with the help of this Playit player app. Now you don’t need any separate apps to download WhatsApp status. Just open the Playit app home screen and click the “Download” option. Now choose the WhatsApp icon and choose the video which want to save on your device. You can also share it easily with your friends.

Final Words:

These are all the top 5 hidden tricks of Playit video players. We will update more guides on Playit and other media players so follow us to get more guides. Hope this guide will help you to use the Playit app effectively. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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