Saturday, September 4, 2021

New Live Stream Player For PC Windows (7/8/10) Download 2021

Live stream player for PC: We can find various kinds of videos on the internet based on our needs. But it is not such a simple task to get to see alive streamed video for free of cost. In this post, we are going to see about an important program that helps us to get to see alive streamed video and also to stream our own video live with various different features. Here we are going to know in detail about this Live Stream Player which can be sued in Android, Windows, Mac, and so on.

New Live stream player for PC
New Live stream player for PC 

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About Live Stream Player:

Live Stream Player is all about an application that is a professional streaming media player for your PC. This application helps in supporting any sort of streaming protocols and formats. Live Stream Player, from its name we can get to know that it enables us to just record the live streams like various videos, in real-time video, and so on. This helps in not only recording the live video but also helps to share those videos with our friends and colleagues. In case if you want to see a video, which is going in life on the internet then this Live stream player will be suitable which gives you the best experience in watching the live stream internet. 

How To Download Live Stream Player for PC Windows 7/8/10:

This live stream player can be downloaded easily as it is free to do so. Live stream Player 2.60 is the latest version which is available for android, windows, and even for Mac OS too. This latest version is supported in these PCs running windows, 32-bit. The file size can be almost 14.5 MB. Versions like 2.5, 2.0, 1.0 are the most downloaded version of this Live Stream Player. Thus, this multipurpose Live stream player was developed by MDC which is said to be their product. 

  1. Open Google Browser Type Live Strem Playe
  2. Then Click the website (
  3. Then Download Livestream Player on your Windows PC.
  4. Then You can easy to install your Personal Computer.

This Live stream player has initiated with a wide range of features like:

Theme support, there will be various themes that can be downloaded and used at any time.

  • It helps you to cast the video stream to Chromecast
  • If you want you to be notified on a specific stream then there is an option to set an alarm for a specific stream to notify you on time.
  • Now it also supports the UMS protocol
  • Exclusively this live streaming player has also introduced a feature that is nothing but you can live broadcast to the entire world using your mobile phone.
  • You can also record live using this live stream player with good quality
  • You can also play your live stream player directly even inside your web browser.
  • Live stream player also enables us to create and share our own videos to stream with others
  • It helps you to manage your favorites

The Above are the important features of this live stream player.


This Live stream player helps us to watch and enjoy the live-streamed video and also helps us to share them too. I hope this post might be useful about this live stream player. For any further queries and mention below in the comment section. 

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