Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How To Lock Individual Apps On Your Smartphone 2021 (NEW)

How to lock individual apps on your smartphone: Many people think that putting a screen lock is the best way to protect your phone. It’s a false thought actually. Even if you don’t put a screen lock you can protect your phone by locking the applications on your mobile phone. The most common name given to the locks given to the app is app lock. It can be easily downloaded from the google play store or the iOS store. The use of setting an app lock is to lock the applications that you want. 

How To Lock Individual Apps On Your Smartphone

So practically app lock is preferred over screen lock. For example, if you want to only lock the WhatsApp application then you can use app lock not screen lock. The data are very important for everyone. It may be personal or official. But if you are sure that there is a chance of your data being lost then putting an app lock is a very good idea.

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Best lock application for Android:

Play store provides you with a lot of app lock applications. To lock individual applications on smartphones the only thing to do is to search for app lock on the google play store. You will find a lot of results there. You are free to select which one you like. The process is simple. But the fact is app locks are not completely safe at all. 

Best lock application for Android
Best lock application for Android

The content in an application will be locked but it will be easy for anyone to know your last search list and activities with or without an app lock. Until the Android interface and the app locker work well together, it is better off switching to a method that comes with the android factory software. The better idea is to lock the settings app because in other cases a resourceful person can easily uninstall the app lock and bypass it.

App lock application from keepsafe:

The Keepsafe best feature of this application is that it will not allow taking screen shorts. The main attraction is that this application doesn’t require any authentications. The setup wizard will ask for the type of lock like if you want to set a pin, pattern, or fingerprint. The user doesn’t want to enter the fingerprint again if it is already entered for locking the screen. So, you can be tension-free that the password won't be given to the creator. To lock individual applications on smartphones you need to enter your email id. If you forget your password then you can use your email id to recover your password. 

Best lock application for Android

There is a chance that you can skip this step but it is highly recommended to be done. After this process, the application will send you to the settings where you need to grant access to the data usage. Without this feature, the application cannot tell whether you have entered the application or not. After this, you can go back to the app lock application and lock the applications that you want. The popular applications are set on the top like settings and WhatsApp and others are listed alphabetically.

Smasung's Secure folder:

In Samsung, you don’t need to set an app lock externally. There is already a secure lock in which you can store data like pictures, videos, files, etc. No one can access the account without entering a passcode that is set by the user. No USB connections of connection to pc will show the hidden files. It will be hidden forever. There is no time limit or anything for viewing the data that you have picked and stored. You can view it any time. This is a feature that can secure your data as well as expose it. It is safe only if you have the key to this door which is the password be safe about it.

Huawei/Honor Private Space:

Huawei IMUI user interface is offering a similar feature of having a private space as storage for storing data such as pictures, videos, audios, and files. The main feature is that you no need to retrieve applications top them there, instead you can create an extra profile on the same phone. This can be also done in the case of locking individual applications.

Create a user or guest account:

If adding an app lock or the features provided by the smartphone already is not enough then you can create a new profile on your smartphone. It will be like handling two phones in the same set. Only you will be knowing whether another folder exists or not. You can set a password for it. In this case, you no need to set app locks to secure that application you can add and keep the application free.

You can operate on the same phone. It is safe until someone knows about it. This feature is available on most phones now. This application is set up in view for Profesionales to have a world for the profession and private life at their fingertip. This feature is a solution for many problems not only to avoid app locks.


The best way to lock an application is by adding an app lock. Which is used by all the people all around the world. Setting the application lock is an easy task? By the process of locking the application, there is no guaranty that it is safe forever. You have to change the password again and again for more safety. There will be a huge number of options in front of you to select.

The best way that most people follow in downloading an application is by comparing the rating of the application given by the other users. In this way, you will be able to know the differences and the use of the application. In this way, you can determine whether this application is the one that you are searching for. The installation process is the same but the setting up process differs in different applications. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. The paid applications have more security since it is used to store confidential matters.

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