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How To Download Speco Player for PC Windows (7/8/10) New

Speco Player for PC: Surveillance camera has been used in every corner of the country for the reason of security. This surveillance camera helps in recording and watch over the surroundings all the time needed. But we can see the live recording video instead we can only watch the recorded video later. This has been an important thing which felt unsatisfied about this surveillance camera but nowadays there is no software or application to watch the live recording videos. One among those is said to be the Speco player.  

Download Speco Player for PC Windows
 Download Speco Player for PC Windows

About Speco Player On PC : 

Speco Player was developed by Speco technologies, which is the application of a free tool launched in 2019. This Speco player is designed in order to work along with the HU, NU, VT, HT, HS, NS, NSP, NSL, DS, VS<Zip kit and HD DVR models of speco technologies. This Speco Player application was developed and designed in a way to just view the live video from DVR and also the playback video which is recorded. It is not as much easy to watch a live video without any supporter application. This Speco Player was specially designed for the purpose to watch the live surveillance video. In this post let us see in detail about this Speco Player and also about how to get it for your PC

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How To Download Speco Player for PC : 

This Speco player can be used on PCs and laptops too. Let us see how to install it for PC. Initially Speco player is an android software but it can also be used in Windows and laptops too with the help of emulators. Blue stacks, NOx Player, etc. are the few emulators which help to install this Speco Player on the PC which is android software. If you would like to install Speco player for PC then follow the given instruction,

  1. As said above earlier using any android emulators which has Android 4.4 and higher. But preferring Bluestacks seems to be more efficient than others. 
  2. After installing open the browser
Bluestack for pc
Bluestack for pc
  1. Search the application Speco player for windows and start installing it using the emulator
  2. Once the installation is completed you can run the application and can watch the video along with the various above given features. 

Features of Speco player:

Now let us see about some of the important features of this Speco player application,

  1. This Speco player has an option of storing multiple locations to access and recall on a single touch
  2. It also has PTZ control over
  3. We can view either in portrait or landscape view too
  4. It also helps us to view nearly 4 channels at a time
  5. The view can be changed by double-tapping from one view to another channel
  6. Speco player also takes snaps of live video which can be seen later
  7. The next channel can be seen by sliding it using the side arrows
  8. The streams can be changed to provide high-resolution images depending upon the DVR capabilities
  9. Speco player also helps to view logs of DVRs and NVRs too.

The above are the few important features that the Speco player possesses.


In the post, we have gone through Speco player, its features, and also about how to install it for PC too. I hope this post might be useful and for any further queries can mention it in the comment section below. 

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