Tuesday, September 7, 2021

5 Best Video Player for Chromebook [Top Picks 2021]

Best Video Player for Chromebook: Nowadays the number of users of the Chromebook is increased in a significant manner. And also, people who are all using Chromebooks are encountering some difficulties more specifically with the default media player of the Chromebook. Due to this default media player of the Chromebook people are facing some kind of difficulties while they are watching their favorite items. It seems to be a hindrance to your euphoria so to overcome this hurdle, users of the Chromebooks are seeking an alternative for the default media player of the Chromebook. I am going to say about the best alternatives for the default media player of the Chromebook, in other words, to say I am going to say about the best video player for Chromebook other than the default media player through this article.

 5 Best Video Player for Chromebook

Chromebooks are nothing but a specific kind of laptop that runs Chrome OS instead of Windows or macOS. Chrome OS put a heavy focus on Google apps and websites wither compare to other OS. The conventional window users may encounter some difficulties while they using the Chromebooks initially.

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About Chromebook:

Chromebooks themselves have a media player. The users of the Chromebooks can watch their favorite movies or songs through this default media player. The media player does handle most video formats without any issues, but it’s pretty limited. As I said above you may encounter some difficulties because this default media player doesn’t have subtitles support, can’t play AVIs, and also has some funky full-screen bugs where it doesn’t fully go full screen.

See there are plenty of video players are available on the internet the users can download any one of them in order to get a good experience. There are some video players that are also available on the internet for the Chromebooks to support an unsupported file in Chromebooks. Here I listed the best of 5 video players and users may download and install any one of them whatever they want.

 5 Best Video Player for Chromebook:

  1. MX Player
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. Wuffy Media Player.
  4. Power Media Player.
  5. Xtreme Media Player.

VLC Media Player:

The VLC media player is one of the renowned video players around. Many of us are used to this player in windows and also, we knew about the characteristics of this player. So, there is no need to further discussion about this video player. Fortunately, this VLC media player includes the Google Chromebook and some models of the Google Chromebook have already installed it. Otherwise, you can install it through the official website.

VLC Media Player Features:
  • Photos/Media/Files" to read your all media files 
  • Storage" to read your all media files on SD cards 
  • Other" to check network connections, change the volume, set the ringtone, run on Android TV and display the popup view, see below for details.

MX Player:

Another popular media player is MX Player. Even this video player has also been supported in the Google Chromebooks. So, the users of the Chromebooks may even download the MX player in order to access the unsupported files.

MX Player Features:
  • DVD, DVB, SSA/*ASS* subtitle tracks.
  • SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.*ass*) with full styling.
  • SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support.
  • SubRip(.srt)
  • MicroDVD(.sub)
  • VobSub(.sub/.idx)
  • SubViewer2.0(.sub)
  • MPL2(.mpl)
  • TMPlayer(.txt)
  • Teletext
  • JPS(.pjs)
  • WebVTT(.vtt)

Wuffy Media Player:

Wuffy Media Player enjoy your favorite live streams and local media on your Chromebook device. It will turn your Chromebook into a fully functional player for your audio and video content in minutes. then wuffy media player support all video and audio formats like DivX, Flv, m3u8, Mkv, MOV, mp3, mp4, mpg, mts, Ogg, Rm, Rmvb, ts, WMV),

Wuffy Media Player Features:
  • Formats (aac, ac3, amr, DivX, h263, h264, hevc, mpeg2, mpeg4, speex, vp9, WMV)
  • Protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, RTMP, RTSP).

Power Media Player:

One OF The Best Video players is the Power Media Player. Then power media player is available for Chromebook. The power media player is a very easy user-friendly layout and supports a background music playing option. Then you can easy to control play music on a powerful media player. Then Power Media Plyer support all kind video and audio formats like (aac, ac3, amr, DivX, h263, h264, hevc, mpeg2, mpeg4, speex, vp9, WMV, etc. plays video file.

Power Media Player Features:
  • plays audio file
  • advanced controls
  • media control hotkey support
  • runs in background
  • lets you view your pictures
  • access to your media libraries
  • has playlist support

Xtreme Media Player:

Xtreme Media Player is a cross-platform audio player. Then Xtreme Media player support for android and ios operating systems. Then Xtreme Media Plyer is available for Chromebook, very user-friendly layout, and is very easy to play songs and video. You can easy to install your Chromebook. then xterm media player supports all video and video formats like (3gp, asf, Avi, DivX, DV, DAT, Flv, gif, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, Mkv, Moov, MOV, mp4, MPEG, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, MPV, mt2s, ts, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, rm, Rmvb, VOB, WebM, wm, WMV).

Xtreme Media Player Features:
  • Direct Play without conversion: Play all your media files without conversion and enjoy direct playback with this free media player.
  • Any Format: The all format video player supports all file types including hi-fi music and video formats. MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and 40+ formats are supported.
  • Subtitles on Steroids: The incredible movie player supports all popular formats of subtitles. It allows Closed Captioned (CC), SRT, SMI, TXT, and more to play all your media with subtitles.


As of now, we are seen about the Google Chromebooks and about its default video player, and also about its dropbacks. This default video player doesn’t have subtitles support, can’t play AVIs, and also has some funky full-screen bugs where it doesn’t fully go full screen. We can download and install other video players which are available on the internet in order to sort this kind of problem. And this article explained the best alternative video player for the default video player of Google Chromebooks.

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