Friday, May 14, 2021

PLAYit Video Player app is Safe or Not

PLAYit app is Safe or not : PLAYit is a globally known application and it is popular because of the excellent features of the app. actually this is an all-in-one application which is used as a video player, an audio player as well as video to audio converter. So the use of this app makes you better in all aspects, and of course PLAYit will help you relax and get on with your work quickly. Of course any user has an idea about this application. But you may be skeptical about your device whether this application is compatible with your device or not. PLAYit app supports both Android devices and PCs. So without any hindrance, any desired user can simply get it. 

PLAYit app is Safe or not 

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Is PLAYit Safe:

Before installing any application on your device, you should consider two important factors i.e. safety and legality. PLAYit has proven that it is free from any harmful issues so working with this media player application is very safe. Besides, PLAYit is legally guaranteed and there are no restrictions on using it. But, PLAYit contains ads. You will not be disturbed by ads while streaming videos in the app. You will see pop-up ads when you pause the video and by the time you exit the application.  Otherwise the ads will not bother you. So, you can use this PLAYit app on your android phone and PC without any hassle.  Let’s see the excellent features of this audio as well as video player application.

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Features of PLAYit: 

Available for Free of Cost:

  • The PLAYit application is completely free. You do not have to pay for any of the below mentioned special features of the app. So, you can fully enjoy all the features of the awesome video player app without spending a single penny.

The app supports all video and audio formats:

  • As we said, this video player app supports all kind of video format like MP4 videos, AVI videos, MKV videos, TS videos, M4V Videos, FLV videos, 1080p videos, 3GP videos and 4K videos. And also it supports all formats of audios. You do not need to consider the video and audio formats you downloaded from other sites, you can play any format of videos using this app.  

High Definition :

  • Some similar applications like PLAYit only support certain formats of videos and do not support videos. But PLAYit is not like that. It does not restricts formats.  You can watch high definition videos including 4K with the help of this application.

Private Browser:

  • With the PLAYit app, you can browse all your video files and watch videos, trailers, movies and more. So, this app acts as a private browser too.

Act as Video Downloader :

  • PLAYit application allows you to download any videos from any sites like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and more social media sites on your device. You just want to play the video on the app and then click on ‘Download’ within the player to store the video on your device. You can even download the full movie through this app.

Gesture Control Feature :

  • This media player application comes with an in-built gesture control feature, which means you can adjust the background speed as your wish and brightness of your screen based on your different videos. The player will automatically pause the music or video when you unplug your headset from your device. Once you re-insert the headset, you can continue watching your videos from where you left off. 

Stream Online Videos :

  • PLAYit app also allows you to watch online videos in the app and you can even stream videos from different sites.

Floating Play and Background Play :

  • Floating play and Background play features of PLAYit app lets you to do multi task at a time on your device. You can chat with others or work with any other application on your device while streaming videos on PLAYit when you turn on the background play option. 

Manage Local Media files :

  • You don’t need to have separate application to manage the local media files on your device. All audio and video files in your internal memory and SD card are automatically displayed on PLAYit app. And you can easily sort the files and share it with your friends. PLAYit will analyze all media files and HD playback. Even you can see the file which you have downloaded and save it on your device from other sites.

Private Folder:

  • PLAYit app gives you the ability to create a private folder where you can store music files, video files or any other files in that folder. You can save files you want to hide from others here. So, third person won’t see that file when they are using your device.

Convert videos to audio :

  • PLAYit is not only a video player but also a video converter. With the help of this app, you can easily convert any files into an audio file. 

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