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Playit APK for Android Smart TV(Mi, Samsung, Sony, LG) Download - Latest Version

PLAYit for Android TV Download: Hello folks, First of all, welcome you to our Playit guide blog. If you want to download and use the Playit APK on Android smart TV? or do you need a music player, video downloader, and music downloader on TV? then the perfect solution is the Playit app. Here in this article will give you a better idea of what you are looking for and provide you the easy steps to download Playit on TV. The Playit video player is an all-in-one video player and you can easily download it on any device easily. This application is always ready to provide a feast for the eyes and ears. 
PLAYit Apk for Android TV
PLAYit Apk for Android TV
There are plenty of media player apps available for Android TV but Playit will be the most needed app for your TV because it is not a normal video player. It has many advanced media player features which you can't find in any other players. Okay, let's look at the details of the Playit Apk and installation steps on smart TV.

What is the Playit Video Player Apk?

playit apk
Playit is an alternative to all other video players. You can play any format videos using this media player. In addition to playing MP4 & 4K videos, it is also used to access stream movies, videos, and music online. Also found in this app is a new feature to convert MP4 videos to MP3 songs or music. 

The Playit app is available for Android and iOS iPhone users. But in this article, we will let you know the process of downloading the app on your Android smart TV. Using this Playit on your TV you can download videos from the video website or social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. It allows the video downloader to tap the "Download" button and save Facebook live videos, Instagram posts, WhatsApp statuses, Tik Tok videos, and other social media images or videos. 

Browse your local video files, play status videos, trailers, movies, and any other videos stored on your device Support any format. There is also a background game function for continuing to play the video when switching to other applications or turning off the phone screen. There is a floating game function to adjust the player's floating window and use other applications simultaneously. Additionally, you can easily use gesture control to adjust the background speed, brightness, and volume. 

Video playback can be activated continuously from the last stage. Automatically detect all video files on Android device and SD card, and make it easy to sort and share media files. All design videos downloaded and analyzed by HD Video are considered high definition. Before download, the Playit app on smart TV just tries to its advanced options mentioned below then only you can use the app effectively.

Why You Need The Playit App on Android Smart TV?

The Playit video player app has many features which are not available on any other media players. Use all the below options and share your experience with us.
  • The multi-play option and easy gesture control can be used to change playback speed, brightness, and size.
  • By changing the decoding mode, the playback looks much smoother and higher quality.
playit for android tv features
  • Software Accelerator is for use in all formats. The Playit apk for Android TV allows you to watch movies with English / Hindi / Tamil subtitles.
  • This media player allows you to search for online videos and free downloads.
  • The best feature of this app is to convert videos to audio files and this is not available on other players.
  • Enables floating-game window to chat with others or work with other applications while watching videos or listening to music.
  • The Playit Video Player for TV app allows you for many tasks, such as floating play and background play.
  • Online quick videos, online videos/pictures can be downloaded. It is easy to locate and manage local media files in the Playit app.
  • It supports all format videos and all format audio. It allows you to download and save any videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media.
  • You can watch Bollywood movies, IPL 2020 games you like and it allows you to locate and manage all audio files from your phone's memory and SD card.
  • Playback will be paused automatically when your headset is unplugged. You can convert Mp4 to Mp3 with a simple click of the rest with incredible audio quality.
These are all the commonly used functions of the Playit app. Let's look at the steps to download and install it on Android smart TV.

How to Install the Playit Apk on Android TV(Mi, LG, Samsung, Sony)?

  • First of all, Open your android smart TV(If you don't have android TV then you can easily convert your basic LED Tv into Android by using the Android TV box).
  • Once you have converted your TV now open the Android TV home screen.
  • Now, you need to find the Google Play Store app on your Android TV apps list and click to open it.
  • In the Google Play Store app search bar, you have to type the "Playit app" and click the search option.
  • Once you get the Playit apk for Android TV on the search result you need to click the Install button to install Playit on Android TV.
  • The Playit application will download immediately and start installing automatically.
  • You can start using it after installing the Playit application on your android smart TV.


The Playit apk can be installed on Android TV just like it is installed on your Android mobile. You probably need to go to our official website to get PLAYit for Windows version to play videos on your laptop/computer. Download and use the version there. If you get any issues with the above guidelines please feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit

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