Friday, May 14, 2021

MX Player Vs PLAYit Video Player Which Is Best?

MX Player Vs PLAYit :Both MX Player and PLAYit are the best video players available on Google Play Store for Android. Both players are not inferior to each other. If you are confused about choosing the better of these two video players then read this article till the end. In this post, we are going to compare them by analyzing its features.  This will be helpful to you to choose the best one.

MX Player Vs PLAYit Which Is Best

Comparison MX Player Vs PLAYit Which Is Best :

Features of App PLAYit MX player
Support all format Yes Yes
Whatsapp status saver Yes Yes
All Social Media video saver Yes  No
Gesture control Yes  Yes
Private browser Yes  No
Private folder No  Yes
Subtitles function Yes  Yes
Convert Video Yes  No
Transfer files No  Yes
Equalizer function Yes Yes

MX Player

MX player is a streaming application that allows you to view any watch any media files online as well as offline. This media player is developed by MX Media and Entertainment which is based on India. More than 200 million android users around the world are using MX Player as their default media player. Because, it comes with advance hardware acceleration technology and it support all video and audio formats. Over and above it supports multi core decoding with user interface. It is a multi platform supportable application so that you can install this application on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and more.  Let’s see the features of MX Player in detail.

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Features of MX Player:

MX Player allows you to watch and enjoy the video without any disturbance of advertisements while streaming. But you will see some popup advertisements when you use the app so that it does not disturb your streaming.

Mx Player Features
Mx Player Features

  • It has the subtitle gesture features, that lets you to search for the subtitles of any movie within the app and you can upload it.
  • MX player allows you to create a private folder that helps you to hide videos, music files or any other files on the app.
  • You can watch videos from low quality and high quality as per your wish and depending on your internet connection which means you can choose the quality of the video you watch.
  • One of the most astonishing features of MX player is that you play games and earn coins within the app and you won’t enjoy this feature on any other video player application including PLAYit. 
  • You can redeem the earned coins as money and the money can be credited directly to your Paytm account.
  • And also you can use the coins to get discount on some of the selective products of selective brands.
  • MX Player is an all in one application that means you can this app as a media player, file manager, gaming platform, OTT platform and more.
  • It supports multi-core decoding so that you can get better experience.
  • MX Player allows you to swap the decoding modes to HW or SW.
  • MX Player also lets you to save and watch the status video of your Whatsapp.
  • You can personalize the app as your wish. You can change the theme and also enable or disable the buttons in the main interface.
  • You can control the sound effects of videos and audios using the MX equalizer tool.
  • Hardware acceleration feature is also available in MX Player.
  • It gives you the ability to block kids from seeing unwanted pictures or anything

PLAYit Player

PLAYit is also an amazing video player application available for Android and Windows. Let’s see all features of PLAYit to compare it with MX Player.

Features of PLAYit Player:

You do not need pay for any features of PLAYit app. You can enjoy all the features of the amazing video player app without spending money.

Playit Player Features
Playit Player Features

  • As like MX Player, PLAYit also supports all kind of video format like MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, 4K videos and even MP3. You don’t need to consider the video format you downloaded from other sites, you can play any format of videos using this app.
  • You can watch high definition videos including 4K with the help of this application even you have downloaded the video from any other platform.
  • PLAYit application allows you to download any videos from any sites on your device. So, you can any videos from, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and more social media sites. 
  • You just need to play the video on PLAYit app and then click on ‘Download’ within the player to save the video on your device. You can even download the complete movie through this app.
  • PLAYit app lets you to do multi task at a time on your device with Floating play and Background play features. It means you can chat with others or work with any other application on your device while streaming videos on PLAYit by turning on the Floating play option.
  • All audio and video files in your internal as well as external memory are automatically identified by PLAYit app. 
  • You can easily sort the files on your device’s memory. PLAYit video player will analyze all media files and high definition playback, even if you have downloaded and save the video on your device from other sites.
  • PLAYit also performs the video converter tasks. So that you can easily convert any files into an audio file within the app.

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